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iMakeNews provides both personalized corporate solutions and standard service plans.

Corporate Solutions
iMakeNews provides corporate solutions that increase ROI. Solutions include the unique ability to share resources between newsletter accounts, allowing corporations to syndicate content, consolidate and target customer lists, and promote branding throughout sales and distribution channels.

To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form.

Managed Services
The ideal combination of features and service is found in our managed service plans. These plans provide you with a complete hands-off implementation of your newsletter marketing/communication program. All you do is supply the content or approve the articles we locate or create for you. Our specialists take care of the rest. For more information about managed services, please fill in the Contact Form.

Self Service Plans
Our service provides an easy way for newsletter publishers to create high-impact newsletters on their own. We have a variety of service plans that can fit almost any budget. Plan pricing depends on the features and services you select along with the volume of email you are sending.

Our sales consultants can quickly determine the service plan that is right for you and your budget requirements. Please fill in the Contact Form.


Questions about services and pricing? Send an email to sales@imakenews.com

Main | Sign Up | Pricing | Features | FAQ's | Examples | Contact Form

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